Coffee, Paris and Life (all the good stuff)

PARIS FEBRUARY: This morning my travel and virtual office buddy, Sarah, and I are doing a chunk of work from our two bedroom, awesome apartment in Saint Germain, booked with Melbourne based accommodation group, The French Experience

In preparation for a day of content and work from us both, I scoot across the road to get some of the best coffee in Paris. The café manager and our new friend, Nico, seems very pleased to let me know that he’s having an “awesome” day, in his best Australian. 

Nico is lovely and one of my favourites.  He helped us with our luggage on our first day as we sought refuge from the cold, waiting for entry to our apartment.  He's polite, accommodating and actually shows recognition of who we when we return – a beautiful thing in Paris as it’s so rare.  The barista whips up a couple of fab takeaways and we get chatting about where he’s from (Iowa) and why I’m in Paris (work).  He tells me I’m very lucky to be able to visit Paris and work at the same time and I agree.

He also tells me they get a lot of people from Melbourne coming through the café and again I agree.  “It’s good coffee,” I explain, “Melburnian’s need good coffee!”.  

I walk back across the road and up to our apartment already rethinking my decision of ordering a small instead of a large.  Drop the latte off to Sarah, who’s been working since 6am, and I sit down and start my own.  

Seeing as we've spent too much on shopping already in our first three days, we've committed to a big day of work and a cost-free visit to the Eiffel Tower this afternoon - to gaze up and see the last of the blue skies before SNOW (!) hits on the weekend.

We have a jam packed schedule while we’re here and a lot of work to get done for our fabulous clients.  But every now and then I have to pinch myself that the vision I had two years ago has slowly come to life.  I’m working from Paris, through my own business, and drinking great coffee while I do it.  Tres magnifique.

My perspective today?  This is your life. Make it what you want.  And always appreciate nice people and great coffee.

With love from Paris, LMM xoxo