About a little miss 

Little Miss Melbourne is a city girl and lifestyle lover sharing the experiences and insights of a life lived between Melbourne and London.

Perth born, British bred, and globally inspired, I moved to Melbourne in 2010 and quickly concluded that the central business district was where I needed to be. I was blown away by the cafes, bars, restaurants and nightlife that existed just beyond my own front door and thought, "this is far too good not to share". And so Little Miss Melbourne was created to connect people who were interested with a city of passionate business owners and retailers working hard to bring us the good life.

But it didn't take long for the itchy feet to set back in. 

In 2012, I set up a freelance content business to help me work anywhere, anytime, and better accommodate my terrible insomnia while adding great value in business. I discovered a whole new way of living and remote working and established clients and networks in different locations while also sharing the discoveries made along the way, from food to hotels and good places to call a coffice (cafe office). After all, Melburnians do enjoy a good sojourn elsewhere, and what better way to expose these other cities to Melbourne in return?

Now, I typically spend part of my year in Melbourne and my gorgeous CBD apartment, and part of my year in the northern hemisphere, usually London and Paris. I adore the connections and networks between cities and people and I'm committed to sharing the journey as I go. 

Most of all,

I'm deeply passionate about living an authentic life and inspiring others to do the same. Because life is delicious; let's savour it! 




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