LOVE in le Marais

In the last five days, we have crossed the Seine to our 2nd apartment on the right bank, walked countless blocks of le Marais, battled the snow, rain and the metro in peak hour, done a reasonable amount of shopping, and even gone to church (the amazing Notre Dame).  

The second apartment is in the Marais which I've stayed in before, so I'm feeling slightly less of a tourist and more like a...temporary visitor.  Not much of a promotion but it is fabulous to be back and see some of my local faves like Rose Bakery, Breakfast in America, la Belle Hortense (books and wine - bliss!) and "that Jazz Club in a cellar/cave on Rue de Rivoli" (I'll have to update you with the name after we return...).

Our first full day in the Marais was bitterly cold but we layered up and braved the Parisian winter, refusing to stay inside (can't keep a couple of good girls down).  We followed our red little noses to became reacquainted with the area and found Pompidou with ease as a starting point.  The uniquely designed centre houses Musee National d'Art Moderne (the national museum of modern art), among other things, including a public library and music centre.  It's a popular joint so the queues were already huge at mid morning albeit it being freezing cold outside.  We opted to keep moving for warmth's sake.
Queues at the Centre Pompidou.

The Marais is full of cute little boutiques, cool gift shops and lots of funky urban art.  And, love.  After lunch at the gorgeously organic and highly popular Rose Bakery (my blog post from last year), everywhere I seemed to look had a little token of love.  Maybe it was my sheer delight at being back in one of my favourite parts of Paris (let's not forget Sacre Coeur) but I was more than happy to be feeling the love instead of the cold.

So here's a little snap shot for you of some of the trinkets, art and urban life of love in le Marais.

Yours, LMM xoxo

Love, the Louvre and Paris - gift cards at the very quirky L.APPARENTMENT Design Gift Store, near Centre Pompidou.

Urban art near the Jewish quarter of le Marais (which incidentally also has it's very own dancing Jewish chefs...).

My favourite pic of the day, and possibly a piece by french graffiti artist Invader.

Lip locked: The playground and urban art next to Centre Pompidou.

Urban playground with some huge graffiti art near Pompidou

Last stop of the day before heading home to defrost: Trinkets of love at Miss Cupcake on Rue du Roi de Sicile - this is THE place to go for amazingly sweet, thick hot chocolate to warm you up and give you a strong sugar hit, especially if you get one of their yummy looking cupcakes...