Bonjour Mon Cheries!

The streets are cold and our apartment is warm.  I notice at 6:30am there is a distinct aroma of baking in the lounge room and then I remember our apartment is above a patisserie. Of course it is. We’re in Paris.

So after the long haul that distances Australia from majority of the world, LMM has arrived in Paris for her girly writing biz trip with friend and fellow freelancer, Sarah Kempson

The driver for our private transfer was incredibly sweet but it’s not hard to win hearts with basic manners when your customers have been in transit for more than an entire day.  Within hours of being in the country we were at my fave Parisian cafe inhaling excellent coffee and possibly a cheeky vin rouge on the side.  We chatted with one patron expat who has called Paris home for seven years and, before that, Melbourne for two. Coutume Café always seems to hold some connection to Melbourne and it appears that nothing has changed.

A mid-afternoon brunch and then we were in our two bed apartment in the 6th which we’ll call home for a week.  Laptops were out almost instantly to play catch up and do some work, as is the life of a borderless freelancer.  Let alone the fact that I love my job, who could possibly complain about having Paris as your virtual office? 

While in France, we’ll be tweeting, blogging, working plus writing for My French Life and Onya Magazine. And seeing as iconic Paris department store, Le Bon Marche, is a mere 600m from our apartment, there are solid plans to begin making our Melbourne shopping mark right after some early morning work and coffee to boot.

With Coutume right across the road and open right about…now, it’s time to get on that.

Au revouir for now mon cheries!

LMM xoxo