Another sacrifice, dear?

Think you got it tough? Thank your lucky stars you're not in 14th century Mexico.

It seems when the Aztecs weren't hard at work being sacrificed, they were hard at work making implements to support the process of being sacrificed. Or having their possessions taken from them to pay for 'tax'. Or having their soul tested through a grueling nine trials of the underworld in order to reach the paradise of the north - after they've died, that is. Unless of course they drowned which would guarantee one express ticket direct to paradise. Score.

Sacrifice was a family affair for the Aztecs.
This remarkable civilisation, rich in bustling trade, agricultural technology and, ok, maybe a bit too much of the old god-worshiping via human sacrifice, stamped their mark in South American history over the course of 200 years.

And now they're in Melbourne (eep).

On until August 10, our dedicated Melbourne Museum has brought the incredible history and story of the Aztecs to life (not literally - we hope), in an exhibition that will have you thinking well beyond the realms of your pulled pork taco and Tromba tequila (mmm).

It's cold and miserable outside in Melbourne. Get chills of a different kind and spend the day soaking up the story of the Aztecs at Melbourne Museum. Hot tip: make use of the audio tour.

Aztecs: An Epic Story of Life and Death
Melbourne Museum
Daily, 9 Apr - 10 Aug 2014
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM