Napping in Prahran and French facials

Over the last six weeks, I have ruthlessly househunted, found my perfect apartment, bought it, packed, moved, unpacked, had housewarming drinks and now planning a feature wall in the beautiful heritage pad I now call home.

I feel like I've aged at least 12 months for each week.

So it was a welcome relief when I had an already scheduled appointment with a beautician that I'd been hearing good things about since the start of the year. Known as the The French Facialist, Christine Clais is indeed our local Frenchwoman extending her knowledge and offering her healing hands by way of facials in Prahran.

Christine is an expert at reading your skin and applying the treatment that best suits you personally. The appointment first entails the standard information collection form followed by a chat about the history of your skin, body, health and lifestyle, plus any concerns you have.

The French Faciliast then goes about doing what she does oh-so-well; looking after your skin. Refreshingly, Christine gives you full permission to switch off when she tells you she prefers to work in silence. This suited me just fine given my exhausted, somewhat shell-shocked post-moving state.

My facial went for 90 minutes, although I can't entirely remember the process - I was simply too relaxed to care about anything at all. But the results were evident when I eventually needed to wake up, sit up and check myself in the mirror (often the scary part after a facial...). My skin was plump, soft, supple and rosy, without any dermabrasion, peels or needles. In fact, if I don't mind saying so myself, I looked damn good!

I was then recommended a few products (sans pressure to buy) that were best for ME: not just my skin type and personal beauty concerns, but also for my schedule (or lack thereof). The products have been excellent for me and I'm enjoying seeing the positive changes in my skin. I'm now counting down the weeks until my next scheduled facial with Christine (aka, napping in Prahran).

If you're sick of never knowing what the right treatment is for you, confused about the array of options available when you visit a beautician, or just looking to make some positive changes to your skin, consider putting yourself in the hands of The French Faciliast. Christine is such a warm, lovely person who is clearly highly experienced - also, her skin looks amazing - always a good sign.

my treatment: 
Le Royal Facial-Signature facial
(90 mins) $195AUD
"This high performance facial features the use of LED light therapy to encourage skin detoxification and cellular rejuvenation. Also includes deep pore cleansing as well as a scalp, face, hand and foot massage. A real journey of total skin, mind and soul rejuvenation."
296 Malvern Road
PH: 0410 556 557