When LMM comes to town

This time last week I was surrounded by boxes in my Carlton apartment, wondering what the hell I was doing. No one likes moving. Everyone, at some stage in the process, asks themselves 'why exactly did I decide to do this?'.

But tonight, in my very own city pad (and in my very own substantial debt), I'm completely unpacked with everything in its place. Housewarming drinks have been drunken, subsequent mess has been unmessed, and I couldn't be happier with my decision. I mean - the place has a *bath*. Yay!

Most of all, I'm back where I feel most at home - in the heart of Melbourne. Flinders Lane. The town hall clock. Block Arcade. Shanghai Street Dumpling. Paris end of Collins. Spring Street Grocer. Flagstaff Gardens. The nooks. The crannies. The buzz. The energy. Whatever I want, whenever I want it. And so many beautiful buildings.

As you can imagine...there are many city tweets and posts to come...

I've moved back to the city. And I LOVE it.

Truly yours, 

Little Miss Melbourne xoxo 

top image via zazzle.com  - bottom image www.instagram.com/littlemissmelbourne