Bodytorque: ballet with bite

If you like ballet with a bit of an edge, you have just one more opportunity this season to get to the Arts Centre and witness a series of clever talent emerging from The Australian Ballet.

Bodytorque has debuted in town this season showcasing the works of five aspiring choreographers, inspired by a theme of "DNA", together with the graceful strength, poise and skill of the Ballet dancers.

I loved seeing how each choreographer interpreted the theme, leveraging the skills of the dancers and oozing personality, in a very consumable five performances across 79 minutes including interval.

Fantastic for those looking to see how the next wave of dance is taking shape, or if you're new to the ballet and want something fresh, sharp and snappy to get you started.

Beautiful, eerie and enigmatic. What a thrill!

Tuesday 24th June, 2014
Melbourne Arts Centre
Tickets online from $41 for students or $71 for adults