SBS Chill on CD (and up for grabs)

SBS Chill's new double CD compilation - smoooooth
I love writing. And love my job. But it's made even sweeter when I have some good tunes to listen to which don't interfere with the mechanical workings of my brain. For this, I like something uber chilled and uninterrupted without always relying on my own music - which I often, inevitably, end up singing or apartment dancing to, thus breaking wordy concentration.

In the past, when I've had the TV on and been too lazy to get to the stereo, I've just switched over to the radio channels for background noise. This is how I first discovered SBS Chill and how perfect it is for workaholic night owls tapping away at the crazy hours.

Streaming 24/7, you can now get SBS Chill on digital radio, online, and through iTunes using their new app. Sourced from all around the world, I love that Chill offers a blend of relaxing tunes that let you escape the hustle and bustle for a while and focus on what's going on just with you.

SBS Chill have just released their first double CD, curated by Rob Miller and Christophe Mallet, with tracks from the likes of The Future Sounds of London, Salif Keita, home grown Sarah Blasko, The Polyphonic Spree and Pepe Deluxe. I've been blissfully listening to it for most of this week and love, every time, that it ends with Chemical Brothers' Dream On. Ahhh - so nice.

You can buy the CD or digital download online - OR you could just win one for yourself. I have a copy of the double CD to give away this week, just comment below with what music you love to chill to. Easy peasy. Winner will be selected based on responses and what I say goes ;)

Sublimely yours,

Little Miss Melbourne xoxo