Kasia Dietz Handbags

With Paris on my mind a lot lately (more than usual), I’ve been thinking about last year’s trip when I was lucky enough to meet some fabulous new people who I now call friends.  One of these people is graceful New Yorker-turned-Parisian, Kasia Dietz.  Many expats and design-focused Francophiles are familiar with and fond of Kasia’s bag designs, myself included.  It helps that she is one of those genuine, warm people you meet who radiates positive energy.  Kasia’s story in Paris is one that we might consider “living the dream” – it involves falling in love, moving to the city of lights and making her designing dreams a reality.  With her bags are now retailing in Europe, America and online, it's a story of growing success.  Here it is:

LMM: How did you end up in Paris all the way from New York City? 
KD: My path to Paris began on Prince Street in New York City on an unsuspecting Spring evening. This is where I met my handsome Italian who months later I followed to the city of lights. Once in Paris I thought what better place to realise my dreams of designing wearable art in the form of handbags, surrounded and inspired by so much fashion and art.

LMM: Sounds divine.  What do you love so much about bags and accessories?
KD: Accessories are the perfect complement to any ensemble, while adding a personal touch. Bags in particular are both fashionable and functional, a necessity whether running around town or traveling around the world. 

LMM: What keeps you interested and motivated?
KD: Much like a relationship, a business takes time to grow and evolve. Watching my handbags make their way into and around the world, as my brand continues to grow, is fascinating and empowering.

LMM: And where do you find inspiration for your designs?
KD: My handbags are pieces of myself, reflecting places I've been, cities I love, chapters of my life. I design out of love for that which I see and the world around me, while keeping a woman's needs in mind. My passion for designing is much like a love affair that continues to grow.

LMM: What’s the next chapter in the story of Kasia Dietz?
I’m currently working on a collection of limited edition clutches inspired by my recent travels to Istanbul. The fabrics are gorgeous!  I’m also designing more Pop Art bags to add to the collection since they have been so in demand! 

Find the designs and collections at www.kasiadietz.com

If you’re heading to Paris in the near future and feeling creative, Kasia also runs bag design workshops at Sugar Daze Bake Shop and Chez Moi in Paris – it’s fun and the cupcakes are delicious.  


Little Miss Melbourne xoxo