Never say never

A late night, morning workout and hotel check out meant a late breakfast today in Brisbane.  For a change, I was completely organised and had planned to hit up Paleo Café on Market Street for gluten free paleo pancakes (YUM!).  According to their website, these guys were serving up the good stuff til 11.30am - alas, it turns out you shouldn’t believe everything you read as their breaky stopped at 11am (I got there at 11.20).  Disaster! 

Rapidly getting more hangry (hungry angry) with every heel clad step, I headed for nearby Eagle Street Pier and came across what I thought only existed in suburban shopping meccas - The Coffee Club.  With hesitation (desperate times call for desperate measures), I checked out their menu and veolia – all day breaky, gluten free friendly, plus free wifi.  Tick tick tick.  Even more exciting is that they could accommodate my temporary sweet tooth and make the French toast gluten free – huzzah! 

While the coffee is (unsurprisingly) a little to be desired, the French toast is light, fluffy and delicious.  The service is good enough and the outdoor seating with fresh air, on the water and a view of Story Bridge is ace. 

Just goes to show, never say never. 

Humbly yours,

Little Miss Melbourne xoxo