Be careful what you wish for

Don't look so smug, genie

I recently had the somewhat unfortunate experience of falling down a flight of stairs and dislocating and internally bruising my ribs.  For any kind of damaged ribs, the treatment is much the same; rest, and lots of it.  Equally unfortunate is my aversion to this requirement for resting.  Like most of us, I love being on the go and cramming each and every day with an equal balance of work and play.  In fact, just about the only thing that makes me stop and do nothing for a while is illness, or falling down a flight of stairs.

With all this spare 'resting' time on my hands (thank Dionysus I can still write), and as someone who believes everything happens for a reason, I've been trying to learn the lesson.  And I realised that in the lead up to my little leap of faith that would end so poorly, I had begun to stretch myself too thin.  Travel, events, running a business, insomnia, new projects, and a love of fitness combined were taking their toll, and I'd started saying to myself that it was all getting too much.  That life needed to slow down. 

Well.  For believers in the law of attraction you'd say that I had it coming - so the joke's on me.  But it has come at a good time, if there's such a thing for falling down stairs.  Along with the lessons learnt, it's allowed me to focus on my business and its imminent brand refresh, be ready for silly season which has kicked in with work, and - most importantly - refreshed my appreciation and gratitude for choosing to get down time plus being healthy and active (oh yoga, how I miss thee!).

So as much as I complain that all this resting is incredibly boring (FOMO has reached new heights...) this is the down time that not only I wished for, but that I actually need.  For at least the next three weeks.  Sigh. 

If you're interested in writing about anything for Little Miss Melbourne, as the lovely Abbey Luckhurst did recently at Jessica Mauboy in concert, get in touch.  In the mean time, look after yourself and be careful what you wish for...


Little Miss Melbourne xoxo

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