Have you suffered hormonal amnesia?

I was chatting with a dear friend today who was feeling a little, well, anti-world.  That's ok; it happens.  But she explained that she couldn't quite understand how yesterday she could have easily married the world, where as today she wanted to shoot it.  Without her telling me any more of the story, I knew exactly what was happening.  Hormonal amnesia.

It seems to happen to almost every woman I know, myself included.  Complete and utter bewilderment when all of a sudden our clothes feel as if they don't fit, we are easily distracted or pissed off with the world, we could eat the gross domestic product of a small country - per meal - and everything seems to tick us off, all within a concentrated space of time for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON.  Grrr!

Of course, it's not too much later that we experience a divine penny-dropping moment and realise that we are just due to be slightly hormonal that week.  Or some poor suffering soul has reminded us why we suddenly have a personal vendetta against, well, everything.  The husband of another friend of mine is divinely patient with his gorgeous wife reminding her almost every time why she feels so strangely, abnormally tired from time to time.  Hormonal amnesia, my friends. 

This is where I should mention that men (or women) should never - ever - suggest that a woman is in a bad mood thanks to her hormones.  There is no license or negotiation around this.  It's just sheer idiocy.

But I digress. 

As a woman, the concept of hormonal amnesia seriously makes me chuckle.  It's not like we are new to the idea yet almost everytime can't help but wonder what the hell is going on.  How is it that we
forget all the personal symptoms over just a small period of time (scuse the pun)?

One potential positive to all this is that maybe it's a sign of us simply enjoying and being distracted by life - and that we can recognise when something's up.  Or due.  Either or.  If one thing's for sure, we will probably forget again.


Little Miss Melbourne xoxo