NESCAFE celebrates 75 years with Jess Mauboy (my new best friend)

Abbey Luckhurst for Little Miss Melbourne xoxo

You could say that my love of music began right at the very start - when my music loving parents named me after The Beatles album, Abbey Road.  Since then I have developed a great love of music and a fascination with singers from all genres.

Now, it is no secret that I have a deep love for all things pop and soul… so you can imagine  my excitement when on a cold winters day (read: Melbourne) I got to sit back, sip a Nescafe, and watch the gorgeous and amazingly talented Jess Mauboy play an intimate acoustic set. 

Australia has followed Jess’s music journey since Australian Idol. For me, I remember that the first time I heard Jess’ voice I felt tingles all the way down my spine. This girl could belt out an amazing tune!  She had it.  **Insert epic girl crush**.

As I sat on my bean bag surrounded by the intoxicating aroma of coffee, I looked at the faces in the crowd. We were all of different ages and backgrounds, yet everyone’s expressions mirrored one another. A look that was a mix of excitement, happiness and ”thank god for the Nescafe”. How lucky were we to be invited as VIP NESCAFE winners to this exciting event in celebration of their global 75 year anniversary?!

The event began with a heartfelt welcome message from the Nescafe team on their important birthday, and then there she was.  Oh be still my beating heart!  The one and only…Jess Mauboy!  In that moment, my relationship with Jess transitioned from mere girl crush to full best friend status (well in my world anyway).  We spent the next hour listening to that incredible voice.  She sang songs from the very beginning of her career, to her latest releases. She also performed covers of songs that were of significance to her: ‘Sugarpie Honeybunch’ - an ode to her mum who loved the song but couldn’t sing it and ‘Land of a 1000 Dances’.  I love that song!!  Suffice to say I, and the rest of the crowd, got our groove on!  Through this once in a lifetime event I had a front row seat into the personal life of Jessica Hilda Mauboy as we has the chance to ask her questions in an exclusive, intimate interview.

The youngest of 5 girls, Jess fell into her love of Mariah Carey through the idolisation of one of her sisters.  Jess told us about how she would run home from school and break into her sister’s room so she could have a moment to sing and dance around to Mariah.  In this story I experienced flashbacks to a time when I held frequent Mariah tribute concerts in our lounge room.  My stage: Mums coffee table; my microphone: the TV remote and my audience: whoever I could drag onto the couch!  She spoke of how her parents love of music, especially her Mums, is what opened her eyes to the world of lyrics. Singing songs such as ‘Walk right in sit right down’ when growing up, you could only imagine how much fun it would have been to grow up in the Mauboy household – which she proudly tells us was famous for being the loudest house on the street.

Our new found friendship was cemented when she broke into song when answering questions about her favourite songs.  In ending a particularly moving song, she exclaims “Oh my god we totally just had a Glee moment!” and started laughing.  The crowd joined in with her highly infectious laugh and we all sat there like old friends enjoying each others company.
As Jess waved goodbye I sat in my beanbag for a moment to take it all in. I was in absolute awe at what this strong, determined, beautiful woman had achieved.
Jessica Hilda Mauboy and I will be friends forever (which she is yet to be informed about… minor detail…) after that day.  I hope that some day soon Jess and I can sit down over some Nescafe and reminisce about our “Glee moment”.

If you are yet to grab a copy of Jess Mauboys latest album do yourself a favour and put it on the top of your to do list. Titled ‘Beautiful’ the songs are just amazing and bring a variety of genres together. Bit of pop, funk and soul. What more could you ask for? 

Tonight is Jess’s last acoustic NESCAFE session in Brisbane but her tour ‘End of the Earth’ continues through November and January – check it out and make sure you get your vocal chords ready for an epic sing-a-long. 

Congratulations and thank you NESCAFE!


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