The universal tales of dating and love

A contact from the Twitter world recently got in touch to introduce me to her very much aligned book, Je T'aime, Me Neither - a collection of the dating misadventures of a Canadian girl in Paris experiencing the highs and lows of love, in the city that is meant to be all about just that.  

After a series of emails with author April Lily Heise I am now eagerly awaiting a copy of Je T'aime, Me Neither and can't wait to curl up on the couch with a nice glass of vin rouge to take in Lily's dating stories from afar.

But as I wait for Je T'aime, Me Neither to find its way to Melbourne, it was Lily's recent blog post that struck a chord with me and resonated with my own experiences of dating and love in the last year.  In fact, our stories are almost identical.

For both Lily and I, our dating adventures were put on hold when we each met someone late last year - people not based in the same city as our own.  Love came, love almost conquered, but in the end love wasn't enough, and all that's left to do is accept the lessons learned, soothe our souls and heal our hearts, then move on, stronger and wiser than before.  As Lily was turning over a new proverbial leaf for Autumn in Paris, here in the southern hemisphere I was stepping into Spring, feeling fresh, light, and also ready for new beginnings and life.

The connection with Lily has brought to light the universal tales of dating and love that happen every day, everywhere.  There's something mildly amusing and comforting that as my story was unfolding one side of the world, so was Lily's on the other, in a similar yet respectfully different way.

It seems wherever we are, whichever season we may be passing through, we are never alone in love.


Little Miss Melbourne xoxo

PS: I'll be telling you all about Je T'aime, Me Neither very soon. #excited.