Let the Dietlicious food cleanse begin

It's been weeks, if not months, of burning the candle at both ends and eating a lot of wax along the way.  I don't consider myself an unhealthy sort but it does seem that I have a penchant for hot chips, mid-week dinners and long lunches; mostly devoid of the fruit and veg required to qualify for the elusive 'two and five'.

When I recently sent out a tweet craving some simple, fresh vegetables, Dietlicious came to the rescue offering me their Five Day Gluten Free Cleanse to get me back on track with all the good stuff.  The food plan - which gives you breakfast, lunch and dinner with salad, fruit, nuts and seeds, for all five days - is designed to help you revitalise, detox and lose weight to re-boot your healthy-living self.  That means no wheat, no dairy, no red meat, no caffeine - no wine.

As it stands, I've needed to put off the diet for nearly a week because of plans and events prohibiting me from "eating clean". What a terrible thought (and a terrible first world problem).  But therein lies the issue with our modern day lives that so often surround convenience and events rather than doing what's best for our poor long suffering bods.  Hence why Dietlicious is here to help us get some of this balance back without having to invest the time and effort of hitting the markets every 2-3 days for fresh, GM/pesticide/additive-free food. 

My Dietlicious delivery - all packed up
All the meals from Dietlicious are prepared for you by a chef with a Michelen star restaurant background and made from scratch using only seasonal, locally sourced ingredients.  You can choose either fresh or frozen meals and I've opted for frozen to help with when I could start the cleanse plan (the meals sat in my freezer for 4 days...).  Everything is delivered to you by courier and in insulated boxes to keep the good stuff nice and chilled. 

Admittedly, I already know I'll have to 'cheat' on the plan on Tuesday for a booked lunch event.  I appease my guilt only with the fact that I don't eat wheat - so I'll just have to avoid any red meat, dairy, caffeine and 
Today's breakfast - watermelon & acai smoothie
wine on the day too.  Damn.  BUT if it means finally shifting this cold I've had for two weeks and getting my energy levels back again with the help of fresh, natural food, bring it on.

So let the cleanse begin. There will be no pizza, cheese, duck, burgers, steak, wine or coffee for the next five days.  Instead, there'll be risotto, chicken tagine, Thai red tofu curry, ocean trout with vegetable ratatouille, salmon chermoula with seasonal vegetables - to name but a few meals.  Not so bad.  In fact, this is very different to any cleanse diet I've ever done before - and going on the risotto provencale with tuna I've had thus far, it's a great deal more tasty.  I also like the added touch of lemon for hot water in the morning and ginger tea for the afternoon. 

I'll be posting my food cleanse adventures and progress on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #dfoodcleanse - here's to a healthy start to the week!

Little Miss Melbourne xoxo

Dietlicious Five Day Gluten Free Cleanse
All meals included for five days
$185 excluding delivery
Other plans available