BUNNY The Movie (and how to win a $5,000 gold bunny)

I recently attended the premiere of Annika Glac's BUNNY at Cinema Como in South Yarra.  We were promised a movie launch 'with a twist' and they weren't lying. We enjoyed the likes of carrots made out of marzipan (I actually thought it was real until I took a bunny nibble), a dove, bunny and guinea pig weilding magician - oh and around $5,000 worth of treasure...

The masterminds behind BUNNY have launched an Australia-wide treasure hunt of an elusive gold bunny to the value of nearly $5,000.  Clues are being released throughout October to help you determine its exact whereabouts and claim the gold prize.  After it's debut in Australia, the release and treasure hunt will also take place in Poland, the US and Japan creating a global treasure hunt worth more than $20,000.

Sounds shiny and exciting - but what about the movie?

Here's the synopsis:

ALEX, fresh out of prison dreams of an uncomplicated life. Unfortunately within an hour, he’s entangled with a very pretty out of work actress, BLANKA, dressed as a BUNNY giving out pamphlets on the street. Desperate to earn some cash Alex gets the job dressed as the giant brown fox. Now they work together as the BUNNY and the FOX and their act stinks. But something bigger holds these two outsiders together, a squirmy secret that will change their lives. BUNNY charts similar territory to Michel Gondrys’, Science of Sleep and Kieslowskis’s Three Colours White.

Now, it takes a lot for a movie to impress me so it means something when I say that I really liked BUNNY.  It was warm, funny, emotional and human.  Blanka's kindness, naivety and vulnerability is in stark contrast to the history of ex-criminal Alex - and yet they seem to fit - so well.  Will the bunny that saved the fox be safe from all the bad news that he brings?  Download the movie through iTunes and find out.  I really loved it - I hope you do too.

Clues to location of the gold bunny in Australia will be released progressively on the website www.bunnythemovie.com between the 2nd of October to the 21st. 

Downloaded BUNNY through iTunes Australia and New Zealand from 2.10.2013.


Little Miss Melbourne xoxo