'All Men Are Liars' Part II

Further to my previous blog, I want to clarify that I don't actually believe that all men are liars.  While one can never generalise, I've always felt that men are mostly just opportunists; this might mean trying to avoid an overly complex or conflict-bound situation as much as humanly possible should they have the opportunity to do so. 

This avoidance may not involve lying per se, but perhaps be more a case of simply omitting particular details from the truth.  Of course, if it means staying clear of a clash or another emotionally exhausting, hour-long discussion, why wouldn't you?  Enter the pragmatic workings of a man's mind which is, ironically, what I think is so wonderful about the majority of men.

The issue is of course that women don't typically work this way.  We like to discuss, explore, be open – and we want you to be involved, to listen and contribute – possibly even argue about it, dammit!  But at the end of the day, if men gave us this every time, we may very quickly implode through discussing every heart-felt emotion in crazy, intricate detail.

Likewise, I'm sure if women were as straight forward, simple and opinion-free as some men may prefer us to be, it would very soon get incredibly boring; no one to rescue, no situation to avoid, no reason to put man-think into action.

Perhaps therein lies clarity to a male friend's absurd allegation that all women are evil – women are not evil, we are just units of boundless thoughts and emotions which may, from time to time, result in actions or words that could be perceived as evil (and sometimes much deserved).

But really it’s usually just our way of dealing with a situation; a situation which you guys have cleverly (and wisely) escaped from to meet a mate for a long boozy lunch – which you never lied about…you just simply failed to mention... ;)

Evilly yours,

Little Miss Melbourne xoxo