'All Men Are Liars'

I recently had a differing of opinions with someone surrounding the theory that all women are evil.  This means influencing men to do things they wouldn’t normally otherwise do if women weren’t involved.  Well, I strongly feel that the actions of any person are explicitly of their own prerogative and thus should not be blamed on anyone else.  Of course, motivation plays a part which can be influenced by alleged ‘evil women’ but generally speaking, we tend to be in charge of ourselves and what we are doing.  

To level the playing the field with this seemingly absurd statement, my official retort - purely for argument of convenience rather than firmly held belief - was that all men are liars.  It may have been a cheeky comment said for effect, but is there truth in the alleged inability for a man to really tell it how it is - when he doesn't really want to?  Men usually like the best possible outcome in a situation and usually do whatever they need to in order to achieve this.  Does this include lying?

So, with two arguments on our hands I’m putting it over to you, dear readers, for your opinion.  Two highly likely outcomes: 1. Women may defend the allegation they are evil, while secretly enjoying the idea; 2. Men could tell us the truth – but will we want to hear it?