Swings and Roundabouts

People come and people go. Sometimes those who come into our life for a significant amount of time are those whom we may never feel close to at all. Other times, people may visit for only a brief period yet hold with us a deep level of connection or strong influence. There seems to be no rule in life and no given as to how long someone will be a part of our overall journey or the impression they will leave behind.  The person you’re closest with now might not be so in a month, a year or a decade - there’s just no telling.

Things happen in life which shift and change our relationships for us, maybe through a realignment (or misalignment) of perceptions or quite simply a case of individual paths traveling in different directions.  For a certain period of my life this made me somewhat sceptical as to how anyone can firmly rely on another when we have no certainty of where their path is going and for how long they'll be there.  Luckily for LMM, it didn't take long to be absolved from this insecurity, surrounded by an abundance of positive influences with no lack of insightful perceptions.

What I’ve come to learn is that people come and people go, but they always leave something behind with us.  Despite the quality or quantity of time spent as a guest in our little world, the encounters we have can shape or alter the perceptions we hold - even change who we are as a person.  We may not be conscious of it, but we also leave something behind when we enter the realm of another.  Like swings and roundabouts, we go round and round in life always getting something from others, while leaving something behind, ourselves.

Little Miss Melbourne xoxo