What to do with a case of the blues

There is nothing better than feeling on top of the world when everything is falling into place and running smoothly as it should.  But what about the times when it’s not so picture perfect?  Or when the future is bright but you just feel dull?  Should we grin and bear it like a 1920’s housewife, shut ourselves away from the world with a tub of icecream or just carry on so that the poor suckers around us have to adjust?  Whichever it might be I’m sure it’s not conducive to an outcome that is good for anyone involved – including your thighs. 

It’s not the stock standard hormonal blues I’m talking about.  In fact, these blues are pretty much licence to feel however you damn want at the time and good luck to anyone who gets in your way in the process - let alone the unfortunate person who actually blames it on this. 

I’m talking about the flat blues when it doesn’t matter what’s going on in your life – physically, mentally or emotionally – but when you just kinda feel...meh.  You can’t blame it on anything in particular and even if you’re having a bad week then you’re grown up enough to know you can wait it out until the beloved weekend. 

On meeting up with my bestie tonight for a vino at my favourite Melbourne bar, I felt myself on a sliding scale.  In a week that’s going swimmingly well, and with a life that one could only ever be thankful for, I still felt flat and more than a little disengaging.  I wondered if I should have just gone for a drink on my own and basked in my sense of anti-world, but where is the fun in that?

There surely must be a fine line between generally being a drip to hang out with, to just feeling flat from time to time.  Maybe those 1920’s housewives had the right idea by applying a bit of lippy and donning a big grin, if not just to make themselves feel better.  We could simply pin a badge to our shirt that reads “approach with caution: flat ahead”, or maybe just let people figure it out when they get there.

Wherever the line may lie, tonight I chose to let others figure it out.  As it turns out, it has been much better than sitting home alone devouring my own body weight in icecream.  I may have alienated my friend for the time being but he’ll get over it - much faster than my thighs ever will.  And on that note, I feel better already. 

Yours, LMM  xoxo