Kerastase Initialiste give away

Anyone with lot of stress, poor diet or not enough sleep in their life (ie, most of us) will tell you that the first thing to suffer is often our hair. Fortunately for us, Kerastase has developed a new serum using native plant cells which is designed to give us stronger, healthier hair at follicle level.

INITIALISTE - Initialiste - Initialiste
Kerastase has created Initialiste; a new product helping us give back to our hair, to get more out of it.  Literally.  I’ve been road testing the product for my hairdresser and here’s what I’ve found.

What does it do?
Kerastase Initialiste is designed to give you stronger, thicker hair, faster - without extensions, and without using harsh chemicals, or other counterproductive solutions. By optimising stem cells within the follicle and protecting against damage, Kerastase Initialiste helps support your hair from the inside out. David at Kings Hair in Melbourne Central, who put me onto the treatment, calls it “skincare for the hair”.  I call it, “the stuff that makes my hair soft, silky and smell nice”.  

How do you use it?
Application onto the scalp and hair is super easy and not messy at all, with the help of a pippet (the squeezey tube applicator thing). After a wash, you just apply two or four pippet doses of the silky liquid onto thoroughly towel dried hair.  Massage it through your hair to evenly distribute the treatment (which smells divine) and voila! Style as normal.

Does it work?
I've been using Kerastase Initialiste for about six weeks. So far so good - there's definitely been reduced hair fall when it's dry, and significantly less when I wash and blow-dry my hair. It makes my hair very silky and shiny, but can also make it a little limp (because it’s so fine).  For extra body I use Kevin Murphy's Full Again (smells yummy like marshmallows and is SLS free) and Toni and Guy Sea Salt Spray for wavy texture and a tousled finish.  I’m not sure how long the bottle of Kerastase Initialiste will last but it’s looking like about 12 weeks, maybe longer.

The cons.
I can’t see any negatives with the product.  Some might find it expensive at nearly $70 a bottle but if it lasts three months and delivers results, I think it’s very reasonable (I spend more on wine).  It is something which you need to keep using to enjoy the benefits – much like a face mask or skin cream.       

Where can you get it?
If your hairdresser stocks Kerastase products, ask if they have Initialiste.  It retails for $68 a bottle - comparatively less than getting hair extensions. 

Kings Hair in Melbourne Central currently have it in stock and are offering two readers a free bottle of Kerastase Initialiste with any colour booking made this week.  Just mention this post when you call to book your appointment. 

If you needed an excuse for a trip to the hairdresser, you got it.

Call Kings Hair (open every day from 10am) to book your colour treatment on (03) 9663 8359 and mention the Kerastase Initialiste give away.

Twitter: @kingshairmelb
If you’ve tried Kerastase Initialiste, or have any questions, let me know! 


Little Miss Melbourne xoxo

There's a YouTube on the application for Initialiste here.

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