Skincare for the hair

I love my hairdresser.  He always knows the right thing to do, he tells me what my new ideas will really look like, and this month he gave me the new Kerastase Initialiste leave in treatment to try.   

My hair is healthy and shiny but given my propensity to go night after night without much sleep (boo for insomnia), it isn’t as strong as it could be from within the roots.  That’s my diplomatic way of saying I have really fine hair.  So after having a bit of whinge that I want thicker, stronger hair, he told me about the new product causing waves in the hair industry. 

Kerastase Initialiste could be described as skincare for the hair.  It’s an ‘advanced scalp and hair concentrate for substance, resistance and shine’.  Well that sounds good, right?  According to the internal leaflet, two stem cell pools exist in the hair follicle which can become damaged by external factors, affecting their activity.  Kerastase Initialiste uses plant cells to optimise the follicle and its regenerative functions.  My hairdresser also told me about all kinds of other things like gluco-lipids, oxidative stress and decreases in melanocyte cells.  I was confused too.  In simpler terms, this product is supposed to protect your hair from the inside out, at cell level, and help your little follicles do their job a lot better.   

Ultimately, this is meant to lead to thicker, faster growing hair, naturally.  So for someone who has healthy hair but experiences slow growth or a high fall rate – like petite moi – Kerastase Initialiste is here to save the day.

But does it do the job?  There’s only one way to find out.  So over the next 4-8 weeks I’m going to use the product for the suggested 2-3 times per week and report back with my findings.   

Watch this space my furry friends!  First post coming over the weekend when I use it for the first time.  See you then!

LMM xoxo  

Already convinced?  You can get Kerastase Initialiste from Kings Hair at Melbourne Central, just near the clock tower.