#KingValleyLove - Whitfield Healing and Beauty

Yesterday was day two of the Shoot, Tweet and Eat King Valley tour and I gotta say, life in the valley is tough.  When you come to the King Valley, it’s not just about good food, good wine and good people; it’s also a chance to recharge and revive to help you get grounded again, letting the shoulders drop a little and slowing down before you have to race off back to the city.

After lunch and many, many varieties of beautiful vino at Pizzini Wines, our group had the chance to partake in either some “cowtography” with assistance from our esteemed photo-tutor Ewen Bell – OR to sample the offerings at Whitfield Healing and Beauty.  Both equally attractive options but with a stupidly painful neck and some pretty persistent insomnia of late, I opted for a full body massage over an afternoon of bovine bonding. 

Cows are awesome, but sometimes you just gotta give back to your bod with bit of a helping hand.  Or rather the helping hand (or hands) of Carla Pizzini who was my massage therapist for the afternoon.  Carla is also a naturotherapist so she offers massage with a broader alternative therapy perspective.  While I wrestled with consciousness under the skilful hands of Carla, I learnt a thing or two about what I can do differently health wise to help with sleep and general stress management.
We are told that lemon in hot water is good for us to detoxify and alkalise the bod plus improve the absorption of H2O – so I regularly down this throughout the day when I’m working.  This aids the detoxification of the liver as well as the gall bladder.  Little did I know, however, the gall bladder is linked to how active one’s mind can be – so drinking lemon water throughout the day can actually affect our ability to let the mind rest towards the end of the day and the evening.  Enter: increased likelihood of insomnia.  Instead, Carla suggested drinking camomile tea during the day.  Done. 
In addition to this, Carla warned against the type of remedial massages I’ve been getting for what has been a serious pain in the neck.  If you’re a person who’s naturally a stressed type and constantly on the go you may find a stronger type of massage only further stresses your body.  You might be better off getting a relaxing massage from a therapist trained in multiple facets of health care such as Carla Pizzini.  I certainly feel a lot less pain after my massage than I did last week after a firmer massage. 

As well as the massages, you can go to Whitfield Healing and Beauty for beauty treatments from Leigh, naturotherpay from Carla, plus bowen, allergy testing and bush flower essences from Jo.  It’s a relaxing, natural and down to earth place which reflects the personality of Whitfield itself.  Get anything from a foot detox to a mud wrap, spray tan or rejuvenation facial to treat yourself from tip to toe.  That means all you need to do is relax and drink more presecco.  Like I said, life in the valley is tough.

Whitfield Healing and Beauty
03 5729 82354905
Wangaratta Whitfiled Road, Whitfield, Victoria 3733
Yours, Little Miss Melbourne xoxo