Rose Bakery in Paris

I haven’t blogged about much of my Paris adventure mostly because I’m saving it up for a special occasion and I’m sure you’ve been hearing about it enough on Twitter.  But I did want to share with you my experience of Rose Bakery, a cute little English/French café that I visited for lunch in the Marais.

It’s not that Rose was the best place I visited but it was a humbling friendly café which meant much to me after a couple of days of frustrating dialect and poor food choices as a result.  I’d woken up late with an empty stomach but had already decided the night before that Rose was on the agenda.  I’d heard a lot about it in reviews and around the digital traps, including the promise of a good flourless orange cake - one of my many soft spots.

Strained coffee & raisin scone at Rose
Two thirds of the way there, hungry and with my writing calling, I was rethinking my decision. Before too long though I was at Rose, and on quietly asking the serving Australian if they do good coffee, she informed me the machine was broken but they could offer some kind of organic infused concoction.  For the most part, coffee in Paris is more or less appalling in comparison to what Melbourne serves up so I figured it couldn’t get any worse and went ahead with said caffeinated replacement.  Add to that a raisin scone for devouring on the spot plus a slice of flourless orange cake (sold by weight, not per slice) and baked vegetable quiche to go.

Rose Bakery in the Marais is a beautiful, well lit, calming little spot with lots of organic produce about the place and big red apples in big wired baskets standing proud at the entrance.  The scone was nicely warmed when it arrived and perfectly fresh with softened butter on the side – on par with what my mother makes which is saying something.  My black organic coffee was really very nice and of a quality nearly on par with Coutume Café – this is also saying something.  I wanted another delicious raisin scone but given the fact my jeans were still fitting at this point, I thought again.

At the register, I spotted their range of salads and couldn’t resist taking some of these home too; red cabbage and lentils, broccoli and buffalo mozzarella, and mixed roast vegetables all made for a delectable supper, particularly with the square of quiche on the side (amazing pastry).  I will say that the flourless orange cake was too dry, especially in comparison to that from Melbourne’s Mr Tulk which is moist, intact and with a tangy orange icing on top.  This didn’t stop me eating every morsel.  In the end, the only thing I was rethinking about my trip to Rose Bakery was not taking my laptop or think diary.  A very reasonable four out of five hearts.  Yum.

Rose Bakery has three organically grown locations in the 3rd, 9th and 11th arrondissements of Paris.

Go there for brunch or lunch, eat in or take away.