Bitter Sweet Writing (and why I am in Paris)

I don’t know about every other writer out there and how their brain works.  But for me personally the best time for me to write is when my writer’s voice has stumbled upon a topic in my brain and started to pick it to pieces in an unrelenting and uncontrollable manner. 

I love it when this happens; the words dance around in my head creating a tangled mess of rhythmical prose just itching to get out.  Of course, untangling the mental dialogue and turning it into something more palpable and coherent entails firstly getting those words out - as and when they happen.  When an idea pops into my head and that voice starts tumbling it over like an oversized jumper in the dryer, I need to transcribe the theory it’s discussing before the opportunity to do so is gone (and before I implode). 

Unfortunately, this mostly occurs at inopportune times; walking, talking, working, sleeping (or often not, as it so happens).  Without scribbling it down at that moment, it's then usually catalogued to the back of LMM’s brain as a “must write” without ever making it to the big screen.  Life has a nasty and ironic habit of getting in the way of doing things. 

However, after once hearing a little rumour that an idea is nothing until it’s put into effect (I concur), I figured a lifetime sentence in my head simply won’t do; besides this, my RAM is sure to fill up soon enough if some of the stuff is not spat out.  And hence why I find myself in Paris, removed from life’s day to day distractions, to write. 

Despite the at-times-incovenient need to throw together a few words, this lucky duck is fortunate enough to have an abundance of thoughts to write about, most of the time.  Not to mention having ended up in Paris to do so.  As far as the bitter sweet life of a writer goes, this must be nothing less than pur miel. 

Yours with love, LMM xoxo

PS This little number is no different - awake at 3am on a Sunday to harvest the thought - and I really did want to share this one with you. If I have to go through it, you do too! ;)