The joys of being difficult

Is that bagel gluten free?
It’s not easy being green.  I’m hearing ya, Kermit.  It’s not easy being difficult, either, when asking for a decaf soy latte and a ham and cheese sandwich on gluten free bread.  Then there’s being indecisive when there are too many options on the menu plus the fact that you just want things the way you like them.  Dressing on the side, chutney with your poached eggs, and yes of course I want butter and cheese.  Yes, I am hospitality’s worst nightmare.  Needless to say, there are many renditions of “sorry for being a hassle”, always waved off by lovely wait staff offering that it’s not any trouble at all (which I am happy to ignorantly believe…). 

The joys of being difficult with your order knows no bounds.  Besides the fact that you feel like a constant royal pain in the arse, you also get to pay for the privilege.  Gluten free?  Add $2.  Soy?  Add 50c.  Decaf?  Add another 50c.  The pinnacle is a café who wishes to charge you for hot water (rare but it’s been known to happen).  It seems the more ingredients we take out, the more expensive it gets.  And I understand that this is thanks to a supply demand model, but the more people I speak to the more there are opting for gluten free or decaf.  

So when will the cost of being a pain ala derrière start getting a little more, erm, consumable?  Fortunately, we have come a long way as mentioned by Sarah Kempson, previously forced to take her own bread to cafes and ask for it to be toasted.  But it’s time to…get with the times, and have suppliers of such GF or decaf options offer a more realistic pricing model so the hospitality industry doesn’t have to pass this cost on to us. 

Let me assure you, being difficult is not through a desire to eat smaller pieces of cakey ‘bread’ or the quirky taste that comes with decaf.  It is actually usually for a reason.  The indecisiveness of course is all home-grown and down to a bad case of FOMO and FOFE (fear of food envy).  But I guess that’s just the joys of being difficult. 


Little Miss Melbourne xoxo

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