A month and a food box later

Close to a month since I got back from overseas, it's also nearly a month since I received my March delivery of the AgendaSelects subscription, with a box of goodies from various suppliers, perdominantly from around Victoria.

This month's selection was the uTaste box; let me tell you that almonds have never tasted so good as when you're sleepless and hungry at 3am after returning home from Paris.  But besides jet lag, almonds and the thrill of getting surprise food delivered to your house, the box  has been handy and fun to have around for the last few weeks.

Here's a snapshot of what it came with:

Where to start?  Ok, let's go with the packet of nuts and seeds from Sami's Kitchen.  As opposed to the likes of your average salted nut mix, eating this actually made me feel quite good - the thyme, sesame seeds, almonds, kri kri and pepitas make for a yummy, healthy snack (or 3am dinner). The only thing about the packet is that it's not re-sealable so you easily make your way through the whole pack in one sitting when you might not actually need to - completely a first world problem, but there you have it.

The Farmer Jo burnt fig and cinnamon almond toasted muesli was amazing, I had it with fresh raspberries and strawbs plus a dollop of of vanilla yoghurt - heaven! So glad I only used half the pack because I was seriously full post breakfast and it meant I had more to use for tomorrow's breakfast. Tick.

With the muesli, I also tried the 'popcorn' tea - or genmaicha - from Perfect South.  This is a blend of sencha leaves with roasted brown rice which gives it a slight taste of popcorn - seriously.  It was really warming and quite comforting so it'll be great on these cooler days and as Melbourne moves into Winter.

The green can of "eff"came in handy while I was packing to move house recently. Don't be fooled by the shape of the can also used by a few hideous energy drinks, this refreshing hit is effervescent fruit juice using 99% real fruit and perked me up while I was between boxes. Impressive.

In addition to the above, the gluten free rocky road was sweet and squishy like any good rocky road should be and the chili chocolate sauce is surprisingly nice.  I don't have the biggest sweet tooth in the world, so I imagine I'll use this with a quirky dessert when I have people over for dinner.

Over the Easter long weekend I used the Ausnat dried fruit (with chocolate and yoghurt - yum) on a platter for my visiting parents and it was perfect with a few other nibbles - something sweet and different to balance the plate:

Tomorrow night I'm looking forward to making chicken curry for a few friends using the Mussaman Thai Curry sachet from No Worries Curries which will simmer for about 45 minutes...mmm!  I'll comment on the post and tell you how it tastes.

So the uTaste box lasted me a whole month and has been a life saver in some parts and an added surprise in others.  I'm looking forward to getting the next one and seeing what else I'll discover which I wouldn't normally consider.  I'm definitely hooked on the burnt fig muesli...!

Check it out for yourself.

Thanks for keeping it fresh, AgendaSelects :)