Jus Burger Lovin'

Roo Burger @ Jus on Chapel

It's no big secret that I'm a fan of the odd burger here and there.  Fortunately for little me, this wonderful city we call Melbourne has become home to a mecca of burger joints all over the city.

Always in search for gluten free goodies, my most recent burger visit took me south of the river to Prahran to check out the gluten free offerings from Jus Burgers. The service is laid back and friendly, resonant with its Perth heritage, but it's all Prahran in the vibey restaurant on Chapel (complete with fake grass).

The menu is part conservative, part creative so you can pick and choose depending what mood what you're in.  Rather than my usual fail safe cheeseburger option, I went with the Roo Burger to celebrate being back in Australia for a week, post-Paris.  The burger had subtle flavours of kangaroo rather than being too gamey, and the horseradish slaw & green chili jam balanced it very well.   

The gluten free bun was maybe a bit too chunky but I was told they're in talks with their baker to slim them down a little and reduce the amount of bread.  I never seem to eat the whole bun anyway so this was not about to perturb me from enjoying my roo.

All in all, it was pretty tasty so I'm keen to go back and live out my beloved cheeseburger tradition.  I liked the space.  It's licensed and, despite their name, they also do salads and other items.  If you're stuck at work mid week and hankering for some lunch time burger lovin' I believe Jus Burgers may even deliver.  Champions. 

Jus Burgers are at 364 Chapel Street, Melbourne