L'Amour (or less) - real dating stories on film

If you're interested in the topics of dating and romantic interludes with the French, or enjoy a good laugh at someone else’s previous expense, you’ll love L’Amour (or less)... 

Lately I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with Jennifer Geraghty for Paris Undressed with My French Life.  Jennifer is a New Yorker in Paris and the creator and producer of a new series of short web films, L'Amour (or less).  

As the name suggests, the series has more (or less) to do with love, in particular, dating.  In fact, dating in Paris, between expats and the French.  L'Amour (or less) is set to re-enact real-life stories of actual romantic interludes, filmed on location in Paris with talented actors and professional equipment.  Tres pro.  

This is going to be a fun series (their web promo below is hilarious) but they need some extra help to bring it to life.  They've turned to Kickstarter to raise at least $60,000 before the 17th of March but without hitting this goal, they don't receive any funding at all.

If you'd like to see more and you can spare a donation, L'Amour (or less) will love you forever.  Pledges start from just $5 and each level comes with its own incentive to say *thanks* for your support.   

Find L'Amour (or less) online, back them on Kickstarter, and follow them on Twitter.  They'll love you for it.