Valentine's Day My Way

So all of a sudden it's Valentine’s Day.  Sure, as if I haven’t known that it's coming for several weeks already.  I've written about it for My French Life, I've been interviewed about it with SBS French Radio, but I must confess that this year I am single and dateless *gasp!*

I have to also admit that, in the past, I wasn't the biggest fan of Valentine’s Day.  I think largely in part due to the implied obligation, especially on the man’s part, to woo and impress on only one particular day of the year.  But my perspective around this has changed.

Despite extensively talking about Valentine’s Day over the last week or so, I’m not bothered that I’ll be date free this Valentine's Day.  Instead, I’m choosing to feel the love for all the good things that I have going on in my life, and appreciate all the people who I love surrounding myself with.

I love my friends, I love my job, I love that I’m going to Paris on Saturday, I love this wonderful city we live in and, of course, I love champagne.  The thing that I personally like about this perspective is that there's no implied obligation whatsoever - just recognition and gratitude.  And while we could practice this every day, Valentine’s Day seems the perfect reminder to reflect on all the things we do have, rather than focus on what we don't.

So, coupled up duo, or dateless singleton, enjoy Valentine’s Day in your own way.  Have fun.  Snort when you laugh.  Do whatever you want, and love it.

With LOVE!
Little Miss Melbourne xoxo