Freedom - Carb Free

Alright my darlings, tonight I'd thought I'd share with you my experience thus far on a two week carb detox oh so kindly suggested by personal trainer.  After one week I am going to be overdramatic and suggest that I think it might've changed my life.  So if you're looking to try a new diet after starting to clutch at straws like I have been - have a read.

As a person with a sensitivity to wheat and host to insulin resistance I generally keep clear of the carb laden foods like pasta, bread, pastry, potatoes, etc.  That is that I should have been keeping clear of these things.  Pasta has never been so bad because it is so heavy that I've always just avoided it and don't miss it one tiny bit.  But it turns out that the lures of beautifully toasted bread, perfectly baked pastry and anything that is warm and goes crunch in general (and is not a vegetable) has kept me going back for more. 

I didn't realise just how much until my first day or so into this carb detox diet idea. I'd developed a habit of taking crackers to work with my salad (but points for the salad, right?) just to satiate that crunch desire for something more substantial than rabbit food.  This led to another habit of having more with vegemite when I got home, or maybe with cheese after dinner.  Then I'd started having toast again with soup or eating the sour dough that would come with Saturday's breakfast out and all of a sudden I was ordering porridge and muesli at said breakfast outings while feeling pretty good about my choice. 

Well let me just say that it turns out that for me, and my body, this wasn't such the best choice after all.  I discovered after a bit of research that carbs (even 'good' ones) are all just a form of sugar which is one thing that I consciously go out of my way to avoid (I am one of those people that stand there for ages in the shopping aisle reading the nutrition content of food...).  So what I thought was my healthy breakfast most probably wasn't doing me any favours at all. 

I should point out that all of this effort (the PT, the diets, argh!) surrounds trying to lose that infamous 5kg that almost everyone seems to gain but can't get rid of.  I'm now one week into my carb detox and I feel fantastic.  I've lost a little bit of weight (nothing dramatic but I 'feel' lighter), my tummy is flat, and I don't have any naughty cravings - plus, I don't feel like I've been deprived for food at all.  More importantly, my blood sugar levels feel like they've sorted themselves out, meaning I only feel like eating when I'm hungry and when I eat, I enjoy, but when I'm full, I'm full.  HALLELUJAH.  After a two year battle with wondering what the hell is going on with my body I think I finally have some kind of resolution. 

Now, LittleMiss is not suggesting that this is a one size fits all solution.  My PT even declared that she tends to lose weight on a HIGH carb diet - so everyone is different.  But if you are someone who has difficult and unstable blood sugar levels (insulin resistance, polycystic ovaries, diabetes) or you have a sensitivity to gluten/wheat and it makes you feel sluggish then maybe a low carb diet could be for you too.

A few things I thought I'd add and clear up.  Yup, carbs are in vegies.  But the way that I see it is that vegies are alright because of their high fibre and nutrient content - so long as you keep away from the starchy carbs like potatoes then you're probably fine.  So I've been eating plenty of green leafy vegies, favouring the ones categorised as 'negative calorie' - food that takes more energy to digest than they contain - yippee!  It's the sugar dense carbs like fruit that you want to watch a little. 

If you love your fruit eat it with some protein and/or fat to keep the blood sugar in check, like an apple with cheese or a handful of nuts.  Lastly, in my first few days of carb free I was craving minced meat like I never have before (if I ever have before...).  My PT advised that I most likely wasn't getting enough fat in my diet.  So don't forget your healthy fats too if you get the same - avocado, olive oil, coconut oil, salmon, etc.  I'm a big believer that if you're craving something then there's usually a reason; your body is trying to tell you something.  When it comes to carbs, the more I was eating, the more I wanted.  But it also turns out that the less carbs I have, the less I want.  So maybe this was the prank my body has been playing on me.  Who knows.  I do know that I feel great and I feel light - and I am eating amazing food while I do it.  Heaven!

Little Miss Melbourne xoxo