A letter to 2013

Dear 2013,
I just wanted to say thanks.  I'll be honest, you were a bit of toughie.  But I've been thinking about you a lot in the last few days and I realised just how much you brought into my life.  Along with new friends, new adventures and new experiences, you also brought me beautiful love, if only for a short time.  

You brought me mental, physical and emotional challenges - some of which I've never experienced before.  But they each helped me learn a great deal more about myself, and more about other people.  In fact, you've helped me grow a lot in the last 12 months - and for that, I am grateful.
You've paved the way for some rather fabulous goals for your incumbent which I am incredibly excited about.  2014 has a lot to live up to, and I have faith that it will deliver.
But now it's time for you and I to say goodbye.  You will always be a part of me.  I will remember you forever.  And I will cheers in your honour tonight with delectable champagne whilst surrounded by great people and having a wonderful time.
Farewell 2013. 
Little Miss Melbourne xoxo