Aging gracefully (with a little bit of help...)

One thing that’s absolutely certain in this crazy life is that we are all, inevitably, getting older.  Yes, that is the harsh reality my friends.  And as a single, 30-something, self-employed city girl who rents her apartment and holds higher equity in handbags than in her share portfolio, society might say that I’m doing it all wrong.  But that’s the great thing about being in your 30’s; more confident in who you are, where you’re at and what you want.  Less likely to actually care about what life is “supposed” to look like.  And a great deal more stubborn.

In saying this, one of the things I do care about with getting older, is aging gracefully on the outside.  Actually, I just want to be mistaken for being in my 30s, when I’m really well into my 40s (wish me luck...).  I love nutrition and fitness so as far as self-preservation goes from the inside out, I feel pretty clued up.  That’s a good start, right?  However, seeing as I can probably count on two hands the number of facials I’ve had in my life, I feel more clue-less when it comes to knowing what salon treatments are available for self-preservation from the outside; something which has been bugging me for a while and without being quite sure of exactly where to start.

So when I was invited to a beauty clinic in central Melbourne for a skin assessment and treatment, it felt like the universe had listened to my cries of vanity and delivered in kind.  How lucky for little me!  What followed was an insightful and beneficial experience at Minoos Beauty Clinic in central Melbourne.    

Minoos has been established for nearly 30 years and is a sophisticated hidden gem in the Manchester Unity Building – I have walked past this building hundreds of times completely unawares of what was waiting above. As for aging gracefully, the clinic itself holds classic charm with a reception area that portrays a timeless beauty in itself.  Most importantly, it’s a warm, welcoming space which will put any salon novice (or pro) at ease.  From the outset, Minoos gives you the reassurance you need that they know exactly what they are talking about when it comes to self-preservation.
First up was my skin assessment and consult with the lovely (and health-science degree qualified) Rebeccah.   Rebeccah used the Visia Digital Skin Analysis System to photograph my skin and assess it for a range of things from pigmentation to collagen levels.  This is compared against a database of other people from a similar demographic, which can make you feel great if you’re doing well, or relieved that you’re in the clinic if not.

For my skin, Rebeccah felt the best treatment would be a microdermabrasion, using fine crystals to work on removing layers of dead and damaged skin cells. It wasn’t harsh or uncomfortable and I actually found it quite relaxing.  It’s like an advanced form of exfoliating scrub concentrated at a round broad tip, leaving behind delicate crystals which are progressively removed by your consultant.

After my microdermabrasion came the refreshing Jetpeel concentrated fluids jetted onto your skin through a very fine nozzle and in a cooling, sweeping spray of air and liquid.  It would be divine to have this done on a hot summer’s day.  Essentially what it does is exfoliate the outer layer of your skin and allow for better penetration of the treatment into your skin.  It’s resurfacing and hydration without any scary needle-wielding cosmetic surgery (eep). 

As for the results (the important bit), my skin looked plumped, smooth and fresh immediately after the treatment, with a soft glow and even reduced pigmentation.  Some basic mineral make up was applied so I could carry on with my day and whatever it had in store (although make up was far from necessary).  I was in and out within hour, fresh faced and ready to take on the world.

It’s worth noting that a week or so after the treatment I did have some breakout as a result of impurities making their inevitably ugly way to the surface, so perhaps book your treatment at a time which doesn’t see an important event coming up in the next week or so.

I loved that Minoos Beauty Clinic were accommodating, professional, and very patient with all of my questions.  Their level of knowledge and experience was very reassuring and I felt confident about being in their capable hands and the advice they had to give.  There are other treatments available too, plus skin care products which I completely succumbed to, in aid of my aging gracefully vision ‘n all ;)

You can find Minoos online or visit them at Level 2 of the Manchester Unity Building in Melbourne.

Gracefully yours,

Little Miss Melbourne xoxo