Find the time - just for you

Normally, my days are filled with rushing, pushing, noise, pace, stress, working, writing, tweeting.  Every day.  Including weekends.  And I love it.  Although seldom do I find the time to just sit and read a book or watch a movie, and even when I’m traveling the laptop is out and I’m putting together a strategy, working on client content, or hatching some grand master plan in line with my latest light bulb moment idea.  I’m also usually running late (to everything). 

But today is different. 

The country is calling my name and I’m on a trip away from my city living love for a much overdue visit to see the parents.  I wasn’t running late.  I haven’t brought any work with me.  I even managed breakfast at Federation Square before ducking over to Flinders Street Station to jump on the vline.  And now, I’m going to sit.  And read my book.  All the way there.  It’s time to stop and smell the proverbial roses.  Right after I’ve posted this blog…

This weekend, find the time - just for you.


Little Miss Melbourne xoxo