Westfield's The Festival with Jo and Colette

If you didn’t catch my post over the weekend, let me fill you in on the activities out at Westfield Southland for The Festival.  It all started last Thursday night with a launch that incorporated popcorn, champagne, a Bellabox (love) and a showing of Confessions of a Shopaholic.  Aka LMM heaven. 

It’s ironic how a movie about shopping too much, can make you want to shop even more - but it was an excellent start to four days of retail therapy. 

Lucky for us, The Festival offered prizes, giveaways, makeovers and free style workshops showcasing Autumn/Winter collections from various stores within the walls of Westfield.  Lucky for me, I headed to Westfield Southland on Sunday to co-host the Colette by Colette Hayman accessories workshop with lovely Westfield Stylist, Jo Blankfield.  Jo showed us how it’s done when it comes to colour coding, chunky accessories, necklace length, when more is more, and when more is - well, too much.

Stylist Jo Blankfield mixing it up.

Meanwhile, I had the chance to ask Jo the questions that were on everyone’s lips…can blue and green really be seen?  (Yes) Should the belt width you choose be dependent on the size of your waist?  (Yes - larger waist, use a skinner belt – and visa versa).  Can black accessories work on black evening wear?  (Yes)  Does an oversized tote work on a 5ft tall LMM?  Seemingly not.  The Colette range showed us that vibrant is in and block colours are still doing their thing.  

I had accessories, a microphone and new heels.  I was a happy lady.

The Festival might be over but you can still get fashion tips and insights with Westfield’s Style File.  I must admit, I like the Cost Per Wear calculator which I normally do in my head as I’m trying to justify the purchase of something expensive which I don’t exactly ‘need’. 

The Cost Per Wear calculator not only does the math for you, but also takes into account what investment you need to put back into purchase for maintenance such as drycleaning & repairs.  A little less biased than my inner-brain workings which simultaneously scream “JUST BUY IT, YOU KNOW YOU NEED IT!”. 

I just worked out that a $500 coat which I wear for two months of the year, keep for two years, and have dry cleaned every six months, will cost me $4.83 per wear.  I think I need a new coat.  There’s also a body shape calculator and you can book a session with a stylist if you want to get your look in check.

All in all, everything you need to get your fashionista beautiful self up to speed just in time for winter.  Fab.

Check out the Style File and see this season’s vibrant offerings from Colette by Colette.

Fashionably yours, LMM xoxo