Dating Detox

It’s safe to say that I’ve had my fair share of dates this year.  In fact, if dating is a numbers game, I should've won the lottery by now.  

In everyone's defense, lack of continuity has simply been a mismatch of perceptions and intentions, as is the nature of dating.  I am, however, now also convinced that the universe has been playing a very cruel joke on me.

Last year I was very heavily invested in other people’s lives - mostly weddings, all beautiful, all which have my heartfelt blessings.  On Christmas night I decided that 2012 was going to be a year for me; putting myself first when there’s no harm to do so, taking better care of myself, and trying to be the very best version of me.

Too many dates?
On reflection, my new found theory is that by putting this out to the universe (like the hippy in disguise that I am) it determined what kind of romantic year I was set to have; that dating wasn’t due to be on the agenda when I’d made such a conscious commitment to myself.  Reasonably speaking, I’d like to think I’ve had a nice balance of both.  But we’re all guilty of absentmindedly overindulging in the things that aren’t always good for us at the time (like pork belly baguettes and dirty martinis at 2am on a school night).

So perhaps I’ve indulged a little more than I was supposed to this year on the dating front.  And what do we do when the excesses get too much?  We detox.  As much as I shudder at the thought, a dating detox could be just what the witch doctor ordered.  Going on my track record of doing any kind of detox, I don't like my chances of success.  But nothing ventured nothing gained so I'm giving it a shot for the remaining weeks of December.

If all else fails, then laugh it up Universe.  And bring me a dirty martini.


Little Miss Melbourne xoxo