Just Another Date Story

Lately LMM has been playing in the world of online dating.  After all, being an online marketer, one could only assume that someone who builds professional networks and relationships online should be able to do the same in her personal life – right?  Perhaps not. 

In my limited experiences of online dating there have been some interesting connections, some very interesting dates and some downright boring ones.  So it was no surprise that the most recent situation was no different – but instead of playing me his karaoke recording, or repeatedly sneezing over me at dinner, this one chose negging as his secret weapon.  If you’re not sure what that is, Google it.  It’s not cool and girls should be aware of it and give it a big fat thumbs down at the mere hint of it starting to unfold before their unsuspecting eyes. 

To be fair, I don’t think Mr. Neg actually had it in him to understand the full capacity of what he was doing.  Regardless, attempts to further progress things, using what can only be described as suicide dating tactics, didn’t get him very far.  I’m putting that one down as a SFAR (Single For a Reason), turning my back on the online dating world and returning to dating how I like my groceries: organic.
Internet dating: I'm just not that into you. 

LittleMissMelbourne xoxo