Freelancing and Peanut Butter Sandwiches

Since being “outplaced” from the corporate jungle I called my professional home for a number of years, I have found myself blissfully running my own freelance business. I’ve noticed though that other personal things in my life (the gym, dating, eating) seem to have fallen by the way side.  I mean, who has the time for grocery shopping when there are strategies to develop and content to create?  Yes, working til 1am, peanut butter sandwiches for dinner – this is LMM's new freelancing life.

For the most part, I understand it’s going to take time to adjust to my new chapter.  I’m sure I’ll sync into a healthier lifestyle in due course, albeit with a touch of scurvy along the way.  But the thing that’s been getting to me the most is my lack of attention on my own personal writing, including entries on my beloved Little Miss Melbourne blog. 

Determined to do something about it, I began to write a few posts based on plentiful observations made from a weekend wedding in Perth.  Frustratingly, I couldn’t quite get into the groove of any of them so instead switched to writing a professional post about my great love and core focus of my business, content marketing.  Words flowed, sentences formed and budda boom budda bing, a blog post was born.

This frustrated me even more for two reasons.  One – my professional website and blog is not yet live in order for me to publish this post.  Two – I still hadn’t written a piece for my personal blog. It might as well have been 1am with a half-eaten sandwich sitting next to me as I tenaciously tapped away.  Admitting defeat, I succumbed to the concept that maybe it was simply what I was meant to be writing about, right now.  After all, I’d written a piece which I thoroughly enjoyed doing and can’t wait to post on my website when it's ready.

As someone who is always telling others to be kind to themselves I decided to take my own advice and be happy with what I’d created.  I figure that maybe, sometimes, we just need to go with whatever happens to be working for us at the time.  If that means peanut butter sandwiches at midnight or writing blogs you didn't intend on writing, so be it. Low and behold, what do you think happened next?  (Hint: You’re reading it right now.)  

Don’t you just love the way things turn out? 

Little Miss Melbourne xoxo