Oops, I did it again...

Last month I blogged about the awesome Five Star Locksmiths who came out to my apartment to fix a dodgy door handle and make the place more secure. In that post, I spoke about using them again the next time a city gal is in need. Today is that day.

Life and business has been exceptionally more busy than usual with a recent trip overseas then home again to several urgent client jobs, events and catch ups to do before I'm off again to Queensland on Friday for work. Running two businesses can make things stretched at the best of times, let alone when one is prone to over-committing herself. The first sign that things are getting too much and I am entirely overwhelmed by life is locking myself out of my apartment. It's a dead give away and, given the second sign is that I end up sick, I've learnt to listen to this warning sign and slow things down a notch ("hold my calls!"). 

I've also learnt the importance of knowing a good locksmith. Seeing as, through no one's fault but my own, I am the prime candidate for a locksmith service, it's a blessing when you come across the professional, friendly, efficient service that you get with Five Star. 

Today they saved my city girl derriere and I am incredible grateful to be writing this blog from the comfort of my apartment (keys in pocket). After a call to HQ this morning, a booking was made for arrival just after midday and within minutes of Damien arriving, I was in. Now I can finally get on with the rest of my work that I had scheduled for today...but maybe at a slightly slower pace...

My tip of the day? Always know a good locksmith! 

Because I've become such a frequent customer (face palm) of Five Star Locksmiths, they've kindly offered a discount of 10% for any of my readers until the end of August - you just need to mention my blog when you call to book (1800 348 378). 

Feel free to check out my original review of Five Star Locksmiths (before I locked myself out...)