Intention, serendipity and a comfy couch

It’s funny what can manifest when you set your intention on something. Months ago, I was coming back from a short stay in regional Victoria and dropped into Mornington for a wander and some lunch. Naturally, this included shopping. On meandering through a gift store, I saw a round, cushy armchair that would fit perfectly into my new city pad. Surprisingly, it turned out to be a bean bag but was very comfy and a good size for curling up in. I cataloged the armchair in my brain for future retrieval when I was ready and, actually, didn't think about it again.

That was until months later when, by sheer coincidence, Ambient Lounge connected with me via Twitter about a special offer after reading that I’d moved to a new abode. This little divine intervention worked out to be the perfect reminder for me and the push that I needed to make a decision on something for my living room - ahhh, the power of social media.

Admittedly, when I first remembered it was a bean bag, it conjured evil memories of the filling process: pesky beans determined to escape any kind of captive bag, fleeing erratically to hiding spaces that are invariably difficult to get to, only to roll out weeks later to say hello. Then I recalled how hard it can be to get out of a beanbag once you’re settled in - especially after a few vinos. Nonetheless, I threw FOBO (Fear Of Beanbag Ordeal) to the wind, opting for a chocolate Butterfly Lounge seeing as I had no trouble escaping its grasps in Mornington - albeit sans wine.

Indeed, my new beanbag armchair sits around the same height as any other normal armchair, with two sections for beans to give it a mouldable base and a firm back. My FOBO was entirely appeased thanks to their FunnelWeb filling system: simply connect internal zip from bag of beans to internal zip of armchair case, tip, transfer, disconnect, zip. Hey presto, minimal spillage (unless you poke a hole in the bag of loose beans which I highly recommend against…some quick needle and thread action saved the day for me).  

Once all filled, the few runaway beans vacuumed, wine poured, I sat curled up on my new armchair watching the world go by from my balcony. Bliss. The armchair is light and ideal for moving wherever you want it to be and I find it super comfy for reading - as someone who seldom stops, my Butterfly Lounge has become as much a form of relaxation therapy as a stylish piece of furniture for my home.

Thanks for the rescue, Ambient Lounge - serendipity at its finest! 

Psssst - my red hot tip for readers eyeing up an Ambient Lounge: use Facebook20 to get 20% off! You're welcome :) xo

LMM mention: Ambient Lounge asked if I’d be willing to share my experience of the butterfly lounge with my readers, to which I happily obliged. I absolutely love it. Thanks again!