All work and no play?

I’ve been finding my life has been all work and not a lot of play lately. Sure, this can mean being more productive, making more money, and feeling more successful but the truth is we all need some simple, good old fashioned FUN in our lives. Not just for our sanity and mental health, but our physical wellbeing, too.

Here’s how I like to add a bit of spice to life again, and keep things ticking over in the real world too.

Be spontaneous

We all have some kind of routine and while this might be good for getting things done, it’s not always a lot of fun. Being spontaneous from time to time can help break up the everyday stresses that most of us experience. If you find yourself in a routine rut, let it go for a while and do something different that makes you laugh to ease up on the stress.

Lose yourself

Go for an aimless stroll on the beach or around town, get some retail therapy and totally lose track of time amongst new shoes and gadgets (all that work helps pay for it, after all), or just leave the phone at home for a day. Ok, well that’s never going to happen, but maybe try flicking it onto flight mode for a few hours of digital reprieve.

Do something different

Mixing things up can bring a lot of joy to your life. You can discover a new way of doing things, possibly so you can do them even more effectively, and it takes you out of your comfort zone and challenges the norm. Here are just a few ideas:


  • Do a new workout - if you normally do spin - try yoga. Don’t feel intimidated by not knowing what to do. Everyone in that class started somewhere.

  • Call a long lost friend - if you haven’t spoke to a friend in a while, call them! Better yet, facetime them. Pull faces at them. Make it fun.

  • Throw a party - throw a spontaneous party for yourself, for a birthday, to celebrate a friend’s achievements, or just because! You can make it as casual or formal as you like. Booths like this one can make it super fun, too:

  • Dance - I’m partial to a good bit of apartment dancing, myself. Crank the tunes at home and get your wiggle on! You don’t even need pants. If you’re the more social dancer, try clubbing or a local dance group with friends. Start a new hobby - maybe you could get into jewellery making, or photography. Try something new!

If you’ve been all work and no play lately, make sure you change that. In no time you’ll start to feel more positive and productive! Start having fun for no reason other than because you can.